Intelligent Conversation

One of my characters is a bit cracked.  Crazy in the coconut, you might say.

Crazy Man In Shower by adamsphoto.

He spends a little time talking to himself.  Or at himself, whatever.  The tricky bit here is making this authentic: I like to think I’m not crazy, so how do you write someone who is?

The most interesting parts of this – if being crazy can be interesting, which I hope I’ve made it – is when he talks to other people.  Having a dialogue in your own head is one thing.  Having a third person there?

Well, shit gets crowded.

Maybe it’s a day for being out of sorts.  The cat murdered two mice yesterday, has bronchitis, and is going to the vet later on.  I like to think of that as some sort of karmic circle of life.  If there’s a day for writing about crazy people, it’s when your cat’s gone native on you.  Cat’s really help define just-don’t-give-a-fuck insanity for me.

I’m sure mental health professionals out there are screaming at the screen right now, suggesting it’s not right to use the word crazy.  Sorry about that.  But in this case, the guy is quite certifiable; he’d have been committed by now if he didn’t keep eating his doctors.

Knocked a few more words out today.  Word goal: 2,500.  Word achievement: 3,200.  Just.

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