Ebb and Flow

Upgrade is almost done.

It’s been quiet around here: I’ve been cranking the handle on the manuscript instead of blog posts.  That feels like the right use of my time, yeah?  Yeah.

By “done” I mean “first draft of a potential thousand drafts” so don’t go getting too excited.  But just between you and me and the rest of the Internet, I’m going to admit to being very excited anyway.  I like the first draft as it sits right now, and I can’t wait to get it out there to y’all.

I’ll be looking for beta readers for it soon.  If you want to read horrible first or second drafts, I’m your man — drop me a line.

On other news, I didn’t get the “top job” at my G Man place, which has left me feeling pretty good — there’s a lot of management pain I get to walk away from now, which will give me more head space for doing cool writing stuff.  If anyone out there thinks being a manager is easy, it’s not: some of the people doing that function rock themselves to sleep at night with a bottle of Jack.  This isn’t a sad panda moment for me at all — I feel pretty relieved all things considered.

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  1. I’m also testing a new comments system on the blog – Disqus says hi. Hopefully it sucks a lot less than the default system.

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