Eat a Dick, Cyrillic

I originally thought it’d be cool if a character in my book was from somewhere edgy.

And what’s more edgy than an Eastern Block country?  Mother Russia – the spoken language, anyway – always sounds hard core in movies.  A little spice, a few tattoos, and you’re there.

The problem is – as with all things to do with writing – in the words.  I don’t speak Russian.

But that’s ok!  By the power of the Internet, we have Google Translate.  We can have something really edgy, like, “They come for you.”  If you click the little listen button you can hear exactly what, “Они придут за тобой,” is supposed to sound like.

It’s not pretty.

Today I spent a bit of time – with my other good Internet friend, Wikipedia – transcribing Cyrillic into Roman characters.  Let me tell you, that’s a job that’s more likely to send you blind than weaving carpets in a dark room.

Oh – right.  If you’re still with me, it’s written like this: oni prixodjat dlja vas.

One more thing.  Word goal: 2,500.  Word achievement: 3,200.  Consistency is good, right?

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