3,200 Is The New 2,500

It’s nice to want things.

One of the things that I want is to write 2,500 words each day I’m “at work.”  Today’s my first actual day “at work” – last week was my holiday, so that I could erase all memories of the G-men from my mind.

Turns out that’s trickier than it might first appear, but doing 2,500 words is not.  I clocked in at 3,200 words today!  I’m pleased with that – not because it’s my goal, but because The Office Of The G-Men has so many interruptions I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to actually do a consistent work unit anymore.

Of course, we can’t get carried away: this is day one.  But it felt fun!  Work that’s fun!

Word goal: 2,500.  Word achievement: 3,200.

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