Chromed: Restore Is Out!

This is the one so many of you’ve been waiting for. It’s the conclusion to Mason, Sadie, and Carter’s story. I hope you love it!

It’s 21050AD. Uplinks turn us into slaves.
Mason Floyd is lost on a dying world, bionics failing as he wages war against the ruling elite. He’s left off-grid rockstar Sadie Freeman on Earth with a hopeless quest: resurrect the dead.
New megacorp HumanE forces outright war. They have the means to control humans through the link, creating a limitless army of warriors.
To free humanity, Mason discards the corporate protection he’s always known, leaving him vulnerable. Sadie embraces corporate chains, going against all she stands for. As the streets of Seattle erupt into conflict, Mason and Sadie face their greatest challenge.
They must save us from ourselves.
Megacorps. Cyborgs. AI. Gene-spliced monsters. Syndicate enforcers. Off-grid illegals. Supersoldiers. Rock music. Violence. Einstein-Rosen bridges. Liquor. Enhanced reflexes. Power armor and energy weapons. Full body replacements. Swearing. Mind control. Telekenetics. G-Men. Drugs. Neural links. Orbital cannons. THIS IS CYBERPUNK.

To celebrate the launch, Chromed: Upgrade and Chromed: Rogue are on sale! Head on over to the [series page] to snare ’em for a steal, or check out the story guide.

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