Building a Better Tomorrow

We’re going through a bit of a restructure at work at the moment.

It’d be easy to say it’s being run by a the International Cunt Circus, but that’s not really true — turns out, it’s being pretty well done.  That’s not to say that I think that they’re doing everything right, but they’re showing willing: a rare example of humans listening to feedback and changing their position.

Regardless of all of this, there are often people who leave a restructure worse off — with a job they didn’t want, or without a job at all.  I know employment rules are different the world over, but whatever: being fired is like getting an extra helping of ass biscuits.  I’m close to one or two of the people effected by this, and it’s hard for anyone in their shoes to think that things are being done right.

It’s made me reflect: shit, I’m quite fortunate.  I’m going to have a job at the end of this, and it’s likely going to be a choice between a good one and a great one.  There’s a lot wrong with the place I work at, but let’s be clear: I don’t really have a lot to complain about in the great scheme of things.  Cancer?  Nope.  Employed?  Yep.  Freedom to do what I love, writing books?  Check.  there are — I strongly suspect — people the world over who would punch me right in the face if I were to complain.

Truth be told, there’s probably people who’d just punch me in the face.  Earth’s a weird place.

Now, if only I could work out why the site’s suddenly become infested with people trying to sell me cheap “Oakleys” I’ll be truly happy.

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