Behind every favorite song is an untold story

This is an archive copy of one of my world-famous email campaigns, sent 17 May 2017. Click to view the PDF, because the copy-paste below leaves a lot to be desired.

I have been spending more time than is probably healthy considering creativity and how it works. Does it come from a muse? The bottom of a bottle? Life experiences?

Probably all of those contribute, but in my case, a great chunk of it comes from music. I have different types of music I listen to when writing different types of things — I tend to like rock music for action scenes, for example*.

* This means there’s a lot of rock music in my writing life.

The Music of Night’s Champion

When writing the books of the Night’s Champion I tried to listen to music with a certain theme. Thanks to the wonder that is Spotify there’s no practical limit to the amount of noise you can feed your brain, and I have mined that resource like a boss.

Today I’d like to share three playlists with you – the music that feels thematic (to me, which I guess may be the important piece of the puzzle here) for the books in the Night’s Champion trilogy. I hope you enjoy this piece of pure whimsy 🙂

Night’s Favor

To get the Night’s Favor soundtrack,

Night’s Fall

To get the Night’s Fall soundtrack,

Night’s End

To get the Night’s End soundtrack,

The particularly observant among you will have noticed a book on the end there that is not actually out yet: Night’s End. It’s quite close to being ready! This not being my first rodeo, I’m relatively confident it’ll be available within a couple of weeks. I’ll give you all a heads-up when it launches: I’m planning to get it out there for a dollar for you list members first.

Y’all should get on this if you haven’t already: 52 real books printed on the corpses of dead trees. I wish I could join this, but Dean said sponsors can’t, which sucks, but that’s really in your favor: one less person to compete against, amirite?

It’s what it says on the tin: go in the draw to win 52 books, enough for one a week for a year. That, my friends, is what’s in the dictionary under, “Gangsta.”

Until next time 🙂


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