Audio Test – Check One, Check Two…

Hey y’all.

I’m experimenting with audio at the moment. There’s been a few requests for various of my books in audio format. I’d love to do this, but also love to not be bankrupted by the process (audio’s expensive to make!). To that end, I’ve been thinking things like, what if I got a local narrator, or what would happen if I took some acting lessons and tried it myself?

One of the big challenges is the New Zealand accent on the untested ear. Most audiobooks I’ve listened to have North American narrators; is this the expected norm? Do people dig our accents from down under, or are we bad to listen to? I’ve put together a quick audio test – have a listen, and give me some feedback on the accent:

I’m aware the video’s a bit shit (ancient / bad camera), and the room’s a little acoustically terrible (hard surfaces everywhere!), and also that I’m not necessarily a good narrator. I don’t need your feedback on those elements! Just the accent. Be honest, but not too honest.

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