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This is one of my world-famous emails, originally sent Friday 18 January, 2019. I don’t normally share time-limited specials outside the list, but this one’s got some excellent click-worthy titles in it. You can get on the list here.

The holiday season is ruthless on finances.

I don’t know about you, but my credit card is bleeding from 17 knife wounds and a gunshot to the chest (10 gauge, very messy). I’ve got it on life support, but things aren’t looking good. Last year, in sympathy for this kind of seasonal rampage, a few of us writers teamed up to provide a little financial relief for our fans.

We’re dumb enough to do it again. Below, you’ll find some outstanding reads (four stars and above) for zero- to one- Earth dollar (or adjusted-from-US currency). These are high value reads, just when your finances need ’em the most.

Don’t forget: Monday nets you Tyche Forever, also free because you’re on my list and we’re BFFs. Keep an eye on your inbox.

Future Forfeit

In celebration of the release of my latest Future Forfeit novel (out today!), I’m giving away the first book for zero Earth dollars (4.5 stars) and shilling the second for a buck (5 stars) on a Kindle Countdown Deal. Residents of the US and UK can reap the rewards of their nations’ commercial power. Catch up on the books individually, or get the series.

Why you care: hey, it’s me. But also, cybernetics, syndicates, love, liquor, rock music, swearing, violence, loss, and redemption. The few people who’ve read the finale seem to really love this bittersweet world.




Meet Stefan Mendoza

PR Adams’ first-in-series Into Twilight is impressively-rated (4.5 stars) cyberpunk, available for the lofty sum of zero dollars.

You can grab this on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo… pretty much everywhere, really.

Why you care: Phil asked me how adult my readership is. This one’s very film noir/Cold War espionage influenced. It’s very serious, with a steamy scene. I LOL’d, and said y’all would love it.

Spoilers: I’m 20% through this and digging it so far.

From a TED Speaker

Yudhanjaya Wijeratne’s Numbercaste is rocking a 5-star rating, and you can have it for a buck. In the way all modern robust relationships start, I met Yudhanjaya online. Not content with mere writing, he’s rocked the TED stage (check out his talk How Our Friendships Define Us – And Why They’re Dangerous here).

Why you care: books this thoughtful are rare. It’s basically Black Mirror meets the Circle, with 1984 overtones. Also, it won the Virtual FantasyCon Award in 2017.

The Planetstrider

GJ Ogden’s come out swinging for the fences with his debut first-in-series The Planetstrider. 4.5 stars and still going strong; it’s yours for one Earth dollar. Publisher’s weekly said, “The strong action sequences and thoughtful worldbuilding make this one worth picking up for fans of plot-driven SF.”

Why you care: It’s a post-apocalyptic thriller, full of intruige and strong action sequences. If you like military or survival sci-fi, you will dig the hell out of this.

(Books 2 & 3 are done and going through the production mill; if you love this, get on his list for notifications).

The Dawn Saga

Zachariah Wahrer’s Breakers of the Dawn is a 4-star first-in-series you can get for zero dollars. Like any good tale, it’s easy to read but hard to put down. The series is four books long, so if you love it you’ve got some runway to keep loving it.

Why you care: It’s Ender’s Game in a darker faux-Star Wars galaxy-spanning universe. Space fleet. Galactic empire. The whole thing.

BONUS ROUND: if you sign up for his list, you get a Dawn Saga starter pack including high-res cover art and the story Jaydon.

Stories of the Orphan Corps

Imagine a bunch of orphans raised to aid, comfort, and defend. James Bond’s possibly the best-known fictional orphan, and he kicks seven kinds of ass before breakfast, and twelve after a decent martini. Earl Roske’s Rescue on Gimhae is a mere dollar first-in-series five-star (five books!) about the Hospitalier Orphan Corps, kicking ass across the universe all while serving and protecting.

Why you care: It’s a new kind of sci-fi military unit that’s as much about aiding and comforting the defenseless as they are about kicking butt.

BONUS ROUND: Glitch in Eternity is yours if you get on his list.

Colony B

I always like a good line-of-death story. Michael Campling’s Wall is a 4-star first-in-series bad-things-are-gonna-happen story set on an alien world. It’s yours for a buck.

Why you care: One family’s struggle for a survival on a harsh alien planet, deadly microorganisms, and corporate conspiracy. To be honest, I don’t want to be that family, but reading about ’em might be fun.

BONUS ROUND: Get on Michael’s list and get a free starter library (Wall’s prequel + others). He also looks to be certifiably insane, offering a free story every month.

That’s it from me. I hope you found something of interest here; if you didn’t, I’ve got a good therapist and can hook you up. Until next time, keep being awesome.


PS: Keep an eye on your inbox for Monday’s Tyche Forever release. It’ll be all yours for nada.

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