I’m not quoting the street price for a kilo of hash or anything.


20,000 words!

Today I cracked 20,000 words as a part of my NaNo efforts.  Perhaps the most interesting part of that is this morning’s effort was done without the help of beer!

Reality intrudes: I need to do some domestic activities, including ironing, which fills me with dread and fear.  I’d rather be writing, truth be told, but tidy shirts make me less like a hobo when I’m on my way to the office.

I’m starting to like the story of Upgrade, which probably sounds weird, since I came up with the story.  Today’s scene was with an extremely bad man, a sort of bad man, and a corrupt man.  All of these people are products of their past, and I’m finding it sort of fun in a way to try and make the reader feel a bit of sympathy for the one who’s only sort of bad.  Dude’s just in over his head, and should have stuck to selling cocaine to kids or something.

They’re all mashed together in a situation that they couldn’t have predicted; the story of the whole thing is wrapping up around them, and I suspect they’re starting to wonder — individually — if they chose the right line of work when talking to their career counsellors at school.

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