Tyche’s Gravedigger is out!

Released from the clutches of Pew! Pew! 5, Tyche’s Gravedigger is out. I really enjoyed writing this one — a reprobate meets a baby pirate and they save the universe.

A scream for help across the hard black, then silence.

That was the start of Chad Forradel’s bad day. One minute he was checking out a planet of bug corpses, the next he’s catching a ride on an old heavy lifter, bound for a system infested with pirates.

When Chad reaches New Haven, he finds the space terraforming platform all but destroyed, all hands lost. The insect-like Ezeroc have returned, and this time they have subverted a Navy corvette. One guy — charming, handsome, and good with a blade, but still just one guy — against a whole warship is hard enough. But the Ezeroc are after an esper hidden on the pirate ship, a human newly awakened to their mental powers. If the Ezeroc get their hands on the esper, they will make a monster capable of toppling the Empire.

So. Get in. Kill the pirates. Kill the space insects. Save the baby esper. If Chad can’t, everyone everywhere will die, horribly. If he does, he’ll probably have to babysit some kid for the rest of his life.

What could go wrong?

If you were one of the clever people who’ve already bought Tyche Origins, I’ve updated the files on the store to include Gravedigger. A re-download of the book should give you the sixth origin story in the bundle — if it doesn’t, bug your retailer. They should be able to help you out. Tyche Origins is the best (read: most cost effective) way to get all Origins stories.

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