It’s almost holiday time.

My travelling writer's kit.

My travelling writer’s kit.

For some of you, that means joy as your RSS reader won’t fill up quite so quickly.  For others, it’s a time of sadness.  I understand, but I’m still going to go.

We’re heading to Italy for about a month, which is great!  However, I’m quite interested in trying to keep my hand in, in terms of writing; I tend to wake up quite a bit earlier than she does, so that could easily equate to an hour’s writing time in the morning, looking out over the rolling hills of Tuscany.  Sounds awesome, amirite?

The wee snag is that I’ve got zero interest in taking my laptop with me – that’s weight better spend on buying leather jackets or whatever.  I am planning to take my iPad with me (as it has a wealth of books to read on it), and so am curious: those of you who use an iPad for novel writing, what tool do you use?

So far, I’ve got Pages, iA Writer, and OmmWriter installed on it.  Pages seems to be The One that will allow cloud saves and the use of italics.  iA Writer is small and quick, but lacks italics.  OmmWriter is damn cool, but it’s complete lack of integration with anything else makes it a pain in the ass to use (I want backups somewhere, because iPads are stealable and losable in equal measure).

Sadly, Scrivener for iOS isn’t out yet, otherwise I’d be all over that.  There is a sync with SimpleNote from OS X, but since SN doesn’t do italics either… well.  It’s looking like Pages, so far.  I’d welcome people’s thoughts on what they use – hit me back, send me an email, whatever.

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