Upgrade is starting to be really fun to write.

Today’s work involved pulling a few different threads together, and building the start of the mystery.  I like mystery, even if it’s a simple one – mysteries are really motivations in disguise.  It’s just that one character doesn’t know what another character’s motivation is, so it seems mysterious.  This mystery is not too surprising from a reader perspective, I imagine in my head that only a 3 year old Earth child would have trouble unpicking what’s going on, but it provides sufficient motivation for Mason to do things, that lead to other things, and then the shit hits the fan.

I cranked out some happy words yesterday:

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 10.53.15 AM

And again today:

Progress 20130821


Yesterday’s writing was a torrent, to be sure, today was a little less as I’m trying to weave a few things together.  It needs a bit of retouching of older stuff, and the taking of notes for future stuff.  It’s fun nonetheless.

See you tomorrow.


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2 Replies to “Threads”

  1. That sock puppet is all kinds of cute 😉

    Have you found that you don’t always know a character’s motivation at some points, until it’s written? That would also be cool.

    1. Absolutely – my characters definitely do their own thing.

      When I was writing Night’s Favour, I had a loose understanding of the kinds of things I wanted to have in it. But in terms of plotting it out, I couldn’t have told you how it was going to end from the start. Some of it really surprised me as I was writing it, because things that were natural for the people in it changed the course of what was going on. An example? Originally, Spencer was a company man through and through, or at least that’s what his character profile said. But as the action unfolds, and he loses more of his guys, he kind of twists a bit inside, and goes off the reservation.

      [I’m trying to keep that relatively high level and spoiler-free]

      The result has an impact on the story overall and what that means in terms of impact on Elsie, Val, and so on. It’s quite fun to follow down the rabbit hole, and it feels more authentic to not fit your people inside a cage.

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