Things we’ll laugh about in five years

Our cat Harry went missing.

It’s fine, he’s back now, but it’s the how that really shows how awesome people are.

Harry is adventurous … to a fault. He’s a black tom, entirely too sure of himself, and doesn’t understand the difference between mine and also mine (formerly: yours).

Because the cat loves sleeping on his head and eating, in that order, without more than a three-hour break between each cycle, when he was gone for a day and a night we knew something was up. I printed out around 200 flyers and dropped them to all our neighbours. I encouraged neighbours to look in their sheds, garages, and under house areas, because we’d had hellacious wind and a curious cat could easily have wandered somewhere to get accidentally shut in.

This was the right thing to do.

Within a couple hours, our neighbours called and txt’d. We knew where he’d been, and roughly when, and did a second flyer drop in the last-seen location. About three hours later, he came home, looking hungry, tired (ref: eating and sleeping cadence, above), and also completely hoarse, as he’d no doubt been trying to call for help.

The next day I got another call from the neighbour whose house Harry was in. Turns out he’d come in the day before, bold as brass, and the dude thought he’d got the cat out – but no. The cat was in fact hiding in the basement, and he did another check on getting the pamphlet – and let the cat out.

What we all want to know is, do we think Harry has learned to not go into other people’s houses?

(Narrator voice: we don’t think he has).

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