The Sound of the Splintered Land

When I write a new story, I mint a soundtrack for it. This helps me a) get into the groove faster when I sit down at my keyboard and b) write a story that’s more consistent feeling between sessions (if it takes 3 months to write a novel, uniformly vibing is important).

My 2020 Spotify Wrapped told me some interesting things, like: I spent a lot of time writing the Splintered Land books. Many top songs in my playlist, and my top artist, all feature on the Splintered Land soundtrack. And I spent more time with those tracks than listening to music doing anything else, which explains where all my damn free time went.

If you listen to the soundtrack you will probably think:

  1. Wow, Richard has weird taste.
  2. This doesn’t sound like dark fantasy. What the fuck is going on?
  3. I need more Boom Kitty in my life.
  4. But man, kick up the bass and play it loud, okay?

There are three songs more important than others on the playlist. Level Up is personal for Geneve and her journey. Deo Volente is about her impact on the world. And Holy War is … about the splintered land and everyone in it. You’ll find the mix less like the sounds from Jackson’s Rings trilogy and more like beats in a nightclub, because the splintered land is dirty, hard, and exciting.

I hope you dig the tunes. If you want to see some highlights from my Wrapped, a selection is below. Please to enjoy.

PS: Dan Vasc is on here because I listened to Toss a Coin to Your Witcher on repeat for like a week straight, which is why my wife drinks.

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