The Rock I’ve Been Under


You know when you’re meeting a friendly, and they ask you what has happened since April?

So, that’s me. Turns out, things are kind of exciting from my end. I’m making good progress on Night’s Fall – it’s probably at about the 50% mark as of today.  And by 50%, I mean first draft, so don’t get too excited.  I know there’s a number of you — you know who you are — who keep asking me how that sequel is coming along.

You might, therefore, be asking, “Richard, so.  Tell me.  Why no blog posts?”  It’s a little like this.  The new job is very exciting and has me working at a level that is rewarding, but it’s sucking free time out through my eyeballs.  Given a choice between blogging, and writing, I would rather write – it will give you all a thing to read that’s going to be more interesting than me waxing lyrical on the Internet.  Which I think is the cooler option, but I get that the time lapse between April and today is … a thing.  I’ll try and do better, but I promise nothing.

If you want a life update, this is how things are:

  1. 1. I went on my honeymoon.  Level up!
    ring on it
  2. I started an abortive attempt to contribute more at my karate dojo.  Turns out, no time.
  3. I’ve managed, through work travel, to gain gold status with an airline.  This is not as glam as it sounds.
  4. Got a new writing toy – a shiny, tiny Surface 3.  This plays nicely with my MacBook Pro Retina, best of both worlds.
  5. A new group of friends has started a critique group, to make Night’s Fall (and whatever stuff they write) suck less.
  6. As of today, I’ve written a blog post.

The future holds many more things, one of which is trying to engineer some more writing time.  And it is an engineering activity, akin to the great pyramids of old, except I don’t have any slaves.  Watch this space.

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