The Overbearing Burden of Spare Time

Turns out, once you come out from under your writer’s rock, you find there’s shit outside like daylight.

But what to do with it all?

Today marked the day: a bunch of beta copies of Upgrade were shipped out to eager readers.  And by “eager” I mean, people who love me more than they love themselves, because those first drafts are nasty.  I’ve got a few weeks before they’ll start coming back in with comments, so what do I fill my days with?


Ok, and probably, planning my next work.  I get a bit of head space back now to think about Boundless, which is important: it’ll take time to spin that sucker up to speed, and get my head out of Upgrade.  I’ve been thinking about writing a small palette-cleanser, but time’s the thing.

Despite that, I’m enjoying a bit of heels-up.  I played, and had more fun than I probably deserved to, Fuse.  After reading the reviews, I expected actual entrails to fall from my PS3, but it turns out it’s fun in the same brain-in-a-jar way that any blockbuster is.  And, it’s got great witty banter.  Divinity: Original Sin and I are spending quiet time together.

Most of all I get some time back inside my own head to think about important things — e.g., “The Wedding.”  That’ll be awesome.

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