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Ricky emailed me a few days back, mentioning that he’d accidentally picked up a couple of my books he’d already read.

How’s this happen? By virtue of me scuppering old editions and putting up new ones. If you want to know which books were previously released and what changed, I’ve prepared this handy chart:

Current ReleasePreviously Known AsWhat Changed?

Night’s Favor

Night’s Favour
& Night’s Favor
Language change from UK to US English. The story’s unchanged. Somewhere in there it also got a new cover.

Night’s Fall
Night’s Fall
Language change from UK to US English. Like Night’s Favor, Night’s Fall’s story remains intact, with language updates for the US market.
Somewhere in here, it got a cover change, but TBH I can’t remember exactly when all that happened. Sorry about that.

Chromed: Upgrade
& Chromed: Rogue

Language change from UK to US English, and a few covers here and there, because I sucked (suck?) at marketing. Massive, massive re-edit. It would have been cheaper time-wise to re-write it, but that risked changing the story, so … here it is! The now two books are true to the original, but better. Feel free to side-by-side ’em.

Chromed: Delilah

Delilah released free to my mailing list, but when it hit retail it got the full once-over for the Future Forfeit (“Chromed:”) universe.

Chromed: Consensus
Consensus was featured in Pew! Pew! Volume 4: Bad versus Worse. After a tour of duty there, it got Delilah’s rebranding and joined the Chromed universe.

Tyche’s Gravedigger

The Chadd
& Gravedigger
Another visitor to Cooper’s anthologies, The Chadd released in Pew! Pew! Volume 5: A Fist Full of Pews. This was the final (…for now) Tyche origin story, so it got rebranded and a standalone release.

Tyche Forever

Tyche Forever
Wait, what? Yeah, this one was released to my mailing list free (just like Delilah). It got a new cover for retail, but people on the list will have read it already.

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