Meanwhile, in Canada…

Long time listeners to this show will know I love me some Warframe. Digital Extremes (the company behind this excellence) is hosting their TennoCon at the moment, and many, many new goodies are coming to light. We’ll get onto the serious stuff in a moment, but here’s fun for the whole family:

I mean, how can you not love a company that does this stuff? To be fair, they did tell ’em not to pull the trigger. (For the geeks like me out there, I think the prop is an Opticor).

TennoCon’s introduced a delluge of things, including a new faction, but what spun my wheels more than it should was the new intro cinematic:

I’d pay to see that movie. They’re going a bit darker with the Duviri Paradox:

…and starting a new war:

…all of which means just one thing.

I’m gonna need a bigger gun.

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