The Home Stretch

I’m over half-way on my last round of edits.

Accounting Calculator 9 by djshaw.

God, so close, yet so far.  Re-reading your own work for the eleventy-billionth time is a thing, you know?  At least the dialogue is good…

The next significant challenge is to try and wrestle with the IRS in the US, via the various publishing people.  You need forms, mailed off, in hardcopy.

Hardcopy.  What the actual fuck, amirite?  I’m not quite sure how you run a system without computers these days, but it’s just how the IRS rolls.  The cost of managing that to partners like Amazon must be significant.

Anyway, it’s all good – I have a SSN, which makes the application for this an exercise in paperwork more than anything else.  Fill it out, print it, send it.  Mostly so that I can show that I’m paying tax in New Zealand, rather than the USA, or whatever.

It’s all a bit aspirational, as it assumes that I’ll be getting cheques cut at all; someone needs to buy something first!

Go go Gadget paperwork.

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