The 1-Star Challenge

When I read about John Scalzi’s 1-star challenge what feels an age ago, I wanted to grow up to be a Real Author(tm) who had people hate him that much. Life lesson #784: you should be careful what you wish for.

After some some folks who were pissed their free first-in-series of mine didn’t conclude every plot loop ever and decided to storm Amazon over it, I needed some group therapy. I talked to a couple author buddies to see they could help peel the Band-Aid off. Man, people have opinions, especially when they’re safe behind John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. These three brave souls agreed to furnish us with the review they just couldn’t understand.

Side note: if you want to work on your resilience training, put your work on a public forum.

The Nova Chronicles: Books 1-5

What is worse than childish?

“Amazon was updating their website or something to do with the technicalities of ebooks. I was unable to download anything for a couple of days. So I was pretty much forced to read a Nova book. It was horrible. If I were to attempt to describe how bad it is, I would have to relive it and would rather not.”

Dr. Saffy says: This is why Billy’s Mom shouldn’t go through his Kindle. PS: there are stores other than Amazon.


One star

“Didn’t get past the second page. So many typos.”

Jeff says: A little context. There are no typo’s on the first two pages.

Momentary Stasis

Stupid may be too generous

“Like some kid got a hold of a word processor and copied a video game word for word.”

Phil says: He saw right through my writing process!

Night’s Favor

One star

“I did not order this!”

Richard says: I don’t know which is better; the reviewer’s username or the review’s comments, but I love both Diane G and M Moreau for all time.

Ah, I feel so much better already.

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