That’s A Wrap

It’s done – first edit is complete.

Colour Press by eqphotolog.

The next task is to get hardcopy of this thing printed for the wonderful people who’ve offered to be beta readers.  I tell you though: first world problems.  I’d like to use a copy house to crank it out; just truck on in, ask them to print it out, and come back an hour later for a bound copy.

As I’m fond of saying, it’s nice to want things.

There’s a billion copy houses around me, all of them with web sites, but none of them with online pricing.  The best ones are the ones that a) offer a service to digitally upload your work for printing but b) don’t have pricing anywhere.

I don’t know: am I missing something?  That seems to be the wrong way to do things to me.

The other option is to just snare a printer and do it myself.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to re-invest myself in the pain that’s associated with printers.  It might be cheaper, but the cost could be my very soul.

Anyway – next week it’s back to writing my new piece Upgrade after I finish printing out a few copies of my manuscript out to shell my friends with.  Have a good weekend.

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One Reply to “That’s A Wrap”

  1. I did find one possible option online for not getting a complete fisting with hardcopy.

    My Internet friends, The Big Picture, have a nice price calculator online ( They show a price that’s a shade under $63 for 523 double-sided pages, which seems fair to me (you’d be hard pressed to beat $0.12/sheet by DIY).

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