Synthetic Opioids

That’s what I’m on right now.

Green Alcohol Cocktail by zomb_kille.

Over the weekend (Friday, truth be told) I did something horrific to my spine.  This has left me bailed up, sort of unable to breathe.  It’s not a lot of fun!  Panting is not fun!

The good side, if there is a good one, is that I’m experimenting with a wide range of meds.  NSAIDs, synthetic opioids, and a good ol’ fashioned seratonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.  For some reason, I woke up with a dry mouth and still have a sore back.

I’m going to be curious to see if this blog post is legible – or is it literate?  Illiterate? – when I’m off the meds.

The better side, I guess, is that I’m not really fit for human company.  Maybe I drool.  Maybe I cry.  It’s hard to be sure.  Either way, I took the day off.  It let me – between bouts of walking and stretching to not seize up – get quite a bit of editing done.  I’m not sure if it’s good editing, but is any editing good editing?  (Hi Jane.  Don’t shoot me.  It’s the drugs talking).

I think I’m there.  Time for one more read through, and then it’s publishing time.  The meds say to “limit alcohol.”  Would it be bad to have a celebratory beer?

See you tomorrow.

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4 Replies to “Synthetic Opioids”

  1. That’s what I thought too. The doc was totally like, “No no, it’s a nueral inhibitor, it’s perfect for sharp or burning pain,” and I’m like, “Whatever, I’ll try anything.”

    I can report:
    1. It doesn’t make someone in severe pain less depressed;
    2. It doesn’t take the edge off the stabbing pain;
    3. It does make my sleep restless;
    4. It gives me a dry mouth, and I feel like I need to shave my tongue.

    All up, not ideal: I’m just sticking with the Tramadol for now. GO THE OPIOIDS.

  2. Yup SSRIs for pain is odd – also the fact that they usually take a couple of weeks to sorta take hold (apart from the initial side effects, dry mouth etc).

    Odd, as I said. And take it from one who can’t, snarf the anti-inflammatories!

  3. I can tell you, I wouldn’t be wanting to take those for a couple weeks either, because they made me feel horrible. I was mega dosing on the antiflams to great effect, but have decided that Science™ wasn’t working fast enough so took matters into my own hands.

    A friend recommended the excellent book, “Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence” (Eric Goodman, and after one day I was mobile. After three days, I’m vastly better off pain-wise except when I sit still for hours (e.g., sleep). Better than pain meds, and I don’t get a dry mouth 🙂

    If you’re wondering why you might have heard of Goodman before, he’s been a speaker on TED:

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