Surfing Success

Amazon has started to learn about me.

This is kind of interesting to watch.  For those at home, Night’s Favour has been downloaded almost 400 times (368 times for free, and 20 times paid for the eagre beavers who got in before I managed to make it free).

Because they’re now getting some sampling in there, they can start to give “Dudes who liked this also liked this” style recommendations.  Some curious things to note:

  1. The Blackjack story shown there is not one I liked!  I liked the writing style, but I didn’t like the villain-as-a-hero thing.  What can you do.
  2. Apparently dudes who got Game of Thrones got my stuff too.  There’s nothing wrong with having Martin on your page, he’s one of the Gods That Walk Amongst Us.
  3. Looking at the other books there, I’ve suddenly got a few new things to read.  Always a bonus to find stuff that sounds interesting based on what you wrote.  Rock.

My ranking seems to be going up and down like a yo-yo, currently trending downwards after the initial free rush on the title.  I’m somewhat more interested to see what happens when people start putting up reviews.  That’s going to start driving a bit more relevance into the recommendations, and hopefully get my story in front of the right audience.

Golly, it’s very exciting.  See you tomorrow.

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