Sci-Fi “Research”

I’m spending a little time looking for a new megastructure to deploy, and I found this handy post:

[Cold, Laser-Coupled Particle Beams]

It’s given me some insight into a new weapon – check out the laser weapon web. Imagine a network of lasers, where each can carve through 15mm of aluminum per second at a distance of 1,000 klicks. Join, say, 3,000 of these together, with construct/AI intelligence controlling the targeting, and you’ve got yourself a weapon that will leave an impression. In the Ezeroc Wars universe, power is a solved problem due to the prevalence of high-efficiency fusion reactors, as well as some pretty epic battery tech that makes your iPhone’s cell look prehistoric.

Couple this web with Endless Drives and ship to any location you fancy, primed and ready to fire. Crystal minds don’t suffer from humanity’s space time perception problem so Endless travel can be (from our frail, meat sock perspective) instant.

Yes, this is how I spend my days. Pray for me.

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