Re-Imagining Wonder Woman

If you’ve read my work, you know I dig strong female characters.

joss-whedon-strong-female-charactersI don’t even know why I have to put “strong” in there.  It’s like it’s a special class of alien life form that people are unfamiliar with.  Possibly this is because we’re always assaulted by the wrong side of stereotypes.  And there’s no bigger stereotype than the large-breasted, bikini-wearing Diana Price (Wonder Woman).  There’s no way that DC would let me at their property, but let’s pretend they wanted me to re-imagine their iconic demigod.

Head off and do an Internet search on Wonder Woman.  Just for fun, do an image search.  Try and find me a decent picture of her wearing something practical.  It’s pretty tricky.

If I took over writing Wonder Woman, let’s say someone at DC does some acid and signs me on, I’d make her the hero she should be.  For a start, I’d never have her as the nursemaid for a crashed soldier.

Let’s say she’s a strong ally of the forces of justice.

My Wonder Woman would be a bit down and dirty, tarnished by a material world she hadn’t been prepared for by her life in the Amazon.  She’d be divine, a demigod, but troubled by doubts of what was right and wrong in a new life filled to the edges with villainy.

She’d remember the strength and freedom of the wild and ride a Ducati.

And she’d wear some fucking pants.

As I’m between projects at the moment, I’m considering writing  a short just for fun on this new Diana Price.  I think it would help with Boundless.  Let me get right on that.


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