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I’m not sure I’ve mentioned how much I dig ProWritingAid. It’s a service like Grammarly, but has the opportunity to get it as a subscription or perpetual license (and we know my love for perpetual licensing). Mary let me know they’ve upgraded the perpetual license to include AI critiques, so I ran it over a chunk of The Copper Bard.

What’s kind of useful about these tools is the “I don’t care about your ego” style of response. The machine on the other side of the analysis isn’t concerned with how I feel; it just helps make the story to be better.

Points 1 & 3 of Potential Improvements components are addressed elsewhere in the book. Point 2 is difficult in the selected chapter because Tarragon is alone, in an underground dungeon, and all the people she might have dialogue with died 800 years ago. So, you know, bit of a miss there 🤣

This analysis piece was tuned for Creative/Fantasy writing, but PWA does business content just as well. Consider supporting this team; they make an excellent product. I suspect I’ll still get the standard distribution of 1-star reviews despite the generally positive trend of the report 🙂 and I’m braced for impact.

BTW, did y’all hear that game devs are now responding to unfavourable reviews to change people’s minds? And there’s some asshat who’s 1-starring all the indie work on Goodreads (1, 2)? What a time to be alive. Anyway, check this out.

Critique Report

Disclaimer This critique has been generated by an AI model that has been guided by a human editor. The content is not intended as a replacement for a human beta reader or editor. It may contain errors or inaccuracies. ProWritingAid is not responsible for any harm that may result from the use of the content. If you find any content that is offensive or discriminatory, please report it to us.


  1. Engaging opening that immediately grabs the reader’s attention.
  2. Descriptive language that paints a vivid picture of the setting.
  3. Well-developed and complex characters that evoke emotional connection.
  4. Effective use of dialogue to reveal personality and advance the plot.
  5. Clear and coherent writing style that keeps the reader engaged.


The storyline follows the protagonist, Tarragon, who is imprisoned in a small cage in an underground prison. The plot structure is clear, with a clear narrative arc of Tarragon’s desire to escape and her longing for her sword. The events are logically connected, and the pacing is effective in building tension and maintaining the reader’s interest.


The characterization in this piece is well-developed. Tarragon is a complex and relatable protagonist with clear motivations and emotional depth. The mention of other characters, such as Helio and Minah, adds depth to the story and creates intrigue.


The tension in this scene comes from Tarragon’s imprisonment and her longing for her sword. The reader is left wondering if she will be able to escape and what will happen next. The tension is effective in keeping the reader engaged and curious about the outcome.

👁️Point of View

The point of view is consistent, with the narrative being told from Tarragon’s perspective. The goal of this point of view is to provide the reader with insight into Tarragon’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences, allowing for a deeper connection with the character.


The setting is established effectively through descriptive language and imagery. The underground prison is described in detail, creating a sense of confinement and decay. The setting helps ground the reader in the story and adds to the overall atmosphere.


The writer’s style and voice are engaging and suitable for the story. The use of descriptive language and imagery brings the narrative to life and immerses the reader in the world of the story.


The writing is clear and ideas are logically connected. The narrative flows smoothly, and the reader can easily follow the progression of events and understand the character’s thoughts and motivations.

🔄Potential Improvements

  1. Provide more background information about the mission that led to Tarragon’s capture to give readers a better understanding of the context.
  2. Consider adding more dialogue between Tarragon and other characters to further develop their relationships and provide opportunities for character growth.
  3. Explore the emotional impact of Tarragon’s imprisonment in more depth to create a stronger connection between the reader and the protagonist.


Overall, this piece of fiction writing has several strengths, including engaging storytelling, well-developed characters, and a clear narrative arc. The writer’s style and voice are effective in bringing the story to life. With some potential improvements, such as providing more background information and further exploring the emotional impact, this piece has the potential to be even stronger.

ProWritingAid Beta Critique Report, “The Copper Bard.”

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