Pew! Pew!

I was invited to participate in Pew! Pew! 4: Bad versus Worse. This is a level of awesome I hadn’t anticipated.

Pew! is a humorous anthology series where the greats of indie sci-fi (everyone else on the cover except me) rub shoulders with the newbies (me). You can get it here:

This volume is a 50/50 mix of heroes and villains. My story, Consensus, is about a huge asshole named Austin (that’s not why he’s an asshole) who goes on a not-quite-heroes journey to start a new megacorp.

I would dig it if you could check it out and let me know what you think  Blurb for Consensus:

Decisions shouldn’t be hard.

As a lead researcher for Reed Interactive, Austin Ainley created The Decider. It’s tech that can nudge people towards making the right choices. Despite his brilliance, Reed threw him out without the common decency of vesting his shares.

Austin needs to get his stolen invention back from Reed. If he doesn’t, he’ll be penniless and out of a healthcare plan. Revenge wouldn’t suck either.

With a team of off-grid mercs, including the milspec cyborg Ruby Page, he might stand a chance.

All Austin needs to do is lead his team to victory. With talents like his, how hard can it be?

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