Oh, Hello 6am

Ack.  Salt mines.  Ack.

Handyman by johnnyberg.

Back in the office today – first time in three months.  The people here were very welcoming, happy to see me, and I managed to get through 400 back mails, more or less.

Odds of writing today are low though.  In order to combat this, I’m wondering about the idea of a morning ritual – accelerate my lunch break to the start of the day, and write for a half hour over coffee at a cafe.  It’s probably less intruisive than trying to write here; it’s clear from day 1 that the office still isn’t really structured around that kind of uninterruptable productivity.

Also, I’ve got a Men’s Health Week gig going on – tonight, and Wednesday.  That should be fun – as a man, I’m naturally an expert on everything.

Aside from making excuses for why I’m not putting more words into Upgrade today, I’m curious for some feedback: if you were going to find a possie to write from in the city, where would you go?  Close to work so that it’s not a hassle, far enough away that you don’t get hassled.  Hit me back.

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2 Replies to “Oh, Hello 6am”

  1. I used to write/study in our work staff room. Usually the simple presence of books was enough to put people off trying to talk to me 😉 earphones would do the same job, they tend to signal ‘I’m not available’ to most people. I find the less you have to travel, the more time you have to write… Good luck!

  2. Couldn’t agree more on the travel thing.

    It turns out that our equivalent of the “staff room” has no effect, and neither do headphones. I work in a really socially unacceptable environment, where “white knights” who rush about and fix all the problems (whilst leaving a trail of poor governance, broken dreams, and fucked off people behind them) are applauded as heroes. This means if they’re on Something Very Important™ (and let’s be honest: everyone wants to be, as it’d give you the feeling that your life had meaning) they’ll come and bug the shit out of you even if you’re tied up in a knife fight with six dudes dressed as ninja.

    I’ve tried it before – it just doesn’t work. I need to get offsite to have a hope.

    I’ve got a couple of places I’m trying out now – I wish the Library was closer to my office as that’d be perfect. One place showed promise today (the Bolton – good coffee, great staff).

    Your thoughts are useful: to keep the “go away” factor (in my case, by getting offsite) but also to keep in mind it should be close. Here’s hoping I can crack it 🙂

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