Movie Reviews from the Front Line

Actually, from the plane.

I was in the Philippines again this week, doing some fun work with excellent people.  Seriously, that place rocks, and I don’t get why they’re not all 180kg because the food there is amazing.

One of the things about business travel, aside from it lacking any sort of glamour, is that you get to see a lot of movies.  Here’s my review cycle for this latest trip.

  • Scorch Trials: better than Maze Runner (not a high bar, sure, but…); quite enjoyed it if I’m being honest. Littlefinger was a good villain. Acting was alright considering the zygote age of the cast, my only real complaint was the predictable + inevitable betrayal.
  • Batman v Superman: tried too hard IMO, no where near as good as 2013’s Man of Steel. I think all cast members did a good job, the acting was pretty good, but I would have liked to have seen more on-screen time for Diana Prince, who felt tokenised. Affleck is a good Wayne, although his motivations for taking on Superman really don’t resonate with Batman’s generally well-informed nature.  Where I think it fell down: too much going on. I’d sum it up as “confusing with good fight scenes.”
  • Midnight Special: tedious.  Don’t know WTF movie they thought they were making, but this can’t be what they were hoping for.
  • Allegiant is probably the worst movie I’ve seen, I couldn’t finish it, and that’s saying something what with being trapped in a titanium tube for 10 hours with nothing else to do.

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  1. I haven’t heard of this whole Divergent trilogy thing, and Wikipedia doesn’t really cast any real light on it. It looks like anyone who thinks about watching it should just be given a copy of Logan’s Run.

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