More Beige

I was pulled back to my draft today.

Night’s Favour Cover by Richard Parry.

See, the trouble I’ve got is that I spent a long time with the people in there, and they keep chipping away at me to finish their story.  So – I’ve put Upgrade on hold for a bit, and dusted off Night’s Favour (Mason will understand).  You can see some placeholder cover art here, based on the excellent Insanity image by sofamonkez.

Turns out doing cover art is harder than it looks.  I feel like the cover is lacking a certain something, probably a NY Times quote.  I need to work on that.

But!  Today’s work involved going through and re-editing a bunch of stuff.  A quick pass at first, for structural stuff: I needed to correctly put the draft into chapter format for printing (which took an age).  Also, I needed to change the sex of one of my characters for about half the book (which took a longer age).  Oh, and do the cover.

Re-reading much of the work has shown that the first part of this is, er, not amazing work.  It gets a lot better towards the end, and the latter 2/3 is a book I’d like to read (which is promising).  I’m going to spend a bit more time chipping away at the front part first to make it more, shall we say, palatable?

The next trick is to get the thing printed out.  I’ve got the document here, 581 double spaced pages, which need turning out in hardcopy (I find it easier to go over stuff on paper).  I need printed copy, stat!

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