Mental Care

Related to my previous post on looking after the body, you also need to look after the mind.

I play video games.

Evie Frye.

Evie Frye.

A little while ago Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed: Unity.  This thing was a steaming pile of shit — buggy at release, and had great “features” like always-on voice chat so some of the multiplayer missions had people mouth breathing into your living room.  I normally give Ubisoft a bit of a pass – the company makes great games where chicks don’t have their breasts hanging out.  Hell, they made the amazing Child of Light, and let me tell you that being a fairy tale princess is an outstanding experience.  But Unity was a sin.

A friend got their newer Syndicate game.  I kept that thing at arm’s length, but he wouldn’t shut up about it, so I grabbed it on a sale.  It’s great.  So many quality of life features (grapple FTW!), fun characters, and a rich world.  Evie (who is not wearing a chain mail bikini, thank God for sensibly-clothed assassins) and Jacob are superb, and I admire that you can (pretty much) play as either for the entire game.  I’ve chilled out Jack the Ripper, too.  Would recommend!

I also picked up Far Cry 4, because the full-o-fruit version was basically free.  Good game, but I couldn’t get into it because, fundamentally, I don’t mind slaughtering virtual people in their thousands, but I draw the fucking line at the merciless killing of animals for their skins just to make a larger backpack.  Fix the crafting and I’d probably be there.

Weird, I know.

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  1. During WWII the British discovered that taking your fighter pilots on a ground tour is a bad idea. Not because seeing the bodies of dead enemy combatants upsets people, but because very few people cope well with seeing the huge number of dead horses that resulted from the strafing of the German lines.

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