Meet … Scott Huggins

Scott Huggins’ book All Things Huge & Hideous is part of the SFWA Fantastic Beasts storybundle.

You can find Scott on the web. If you want to do your part for charity and get some ass-kicking books for the price you choose, check out the Fantastic Beasts storybundle. Make sure you check the box for charity!

Q: Did you, or did you not, get your dragon inspiration from raising cats?

A: I did not get the dragon inspiration directly from raising cats, but I suppose it helped.

Q: How much veterinary research did you do when writing All Things? Did you get inspiration from nature or a line of cocaine?

A: I have to give a HUGE amount of credit on this to my wife, Katie, who is a veterinarian. I have bothered her with an amazing number of stupid questions, and the book is written for her, and would not be the same without her. Honestly, she just about deserves co-author credit. So it’s definitely nature and nurture, but not cocaine.

Q: I see a fellow Niven fan. If you had to pick one to make into a movie, which would it be, and who’d play the lead role(s)?

A: I think for a Niven work, if I could have just one, it would be Footfall. And that’s a problem, because who even IS the lead in that monstrous book? I think I’d have to pick Congressman Wes Dawson more than anyone else, and that means I’d have to pick… I think Chris Pratt. I think, as silly as it sounds, he’d have the best range to combine that wide-eyed sense of wonder with the pathos he’d need.

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