Laziness Ain’t No Virtue

I don’t get days off anymore.

Running by johnnyberg.

Sure, I’ve got three months off work, but I’m not on holiday.  I’ve got my schedule set out, which means that pesky things like Easter just get in the way.  It’s Black Friday here, and the world around me is no doubt watching sports on TV as they sit in their lounges in nothing but their underwear.

They say visualisation is a useful writer’s tool.

The really odd thing is that I don’t miss having the day off.  I’m doing something I’m having a heap of fun with, so I may as well be having the day off.

That said, one of the things I have taken a bit of a break from is fitness.  For a couple weeks, I haven’t poked my nose inside a gym.  That’s largely because it’s an interruption – not only do I have to leave the house, right, but I have to find some time to do that in.  Fit it in around the writing, so to speak.  I used to get up when dawn cracked the Earth, sweating before work, but – well.  Would you get up at 530am if you didn’t have to?  Also, I totalled my rotator cuff a few weeks back, which causes me to cry like a little girl when washing my hair.

I miss the gym though.  Fitness isn’t a chore for me – I love it, it’s one of those things that presents repeatable outcomes.  Much like writing (if you sit down and actually write words will appear on the page), fitness is one of those things that if you turn up and get your heart rate up, you’ll get some results.

It’s very unlike the offices of the G-Men, where repeatable outcomes are hard to come by.

Next week, we’re starting up our fitness kick again.  Feel free to join me; we’re going to try working out from home.  Without a weights set, we’ll probably nab some interval training.  It’s good to be able to do this kind of thing at home.  And the bonus is, I find fitness good for my writing; I write better when I’m working the body as well as the mind.

Like I said, join me.  Even Arnie’s thrown down the gauntlet.  It won’t hurt, I promise.


Oh, one more thing.  This week’s tracking?  First, today: Word goal: 2,500.  Word achievement: 3,300. I’m happy with that as today was an “action scene” day; I find those much slower than dialogue.

That puts this week at:

  • Monday: 3,700.  Sing it, baby.
  • Tuesday: 2,900.
  • Wednesday: 3,400.
  • Thursday: 2,700.
  • Friday: 3,300.

Grand total for the week: 16,000.  How’s that for consistency?

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