It’s Vogel Time

There can be only one.

If you want to do me a solid, head on over to the nomination form and pop Tyche’s Flight* in for a Best Novel award. The competition is brutal in the SJVs; many amazing artists are going head to head. It’d be nice to win for a change, but being accepted as a nominee rocks several degrees of awesome.

[Click Here for the Nomination Form]

Nominations close 8.00pm on 2nd February 2018 (NZST), which isn’t that far away — feel free to punch the drives to their limits and head there now. You can nominate multiple New Zealand artists for the award, so don’t feel like you’re burning your one golden ticket on me. The SJVs provide many golden tickets. If you need help with making a nomination for Tyche’s Flight, you can use these handy copy/paste entries:

Title of Work or Name of Person: Tyche's Flight

Author/Artist: Richard Parry

Category: Best Novel

Publisher: Mondegreen

Contact information for nominee:

Other information:

* Tyche’s Deceit and Night’s End are also eligible for nominations if you preferred one of those. It’s anything released in the calendar year 2017.

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