It’s About Time

Wow, man, starting a new job takes some time out of your life.

Still, the training wheels are off: I started with Microsoft in late January, and I’ve been parachuted onto a client site already.  It’s pretty spectacular – lots to do and learn, for what feels like the first time in a long time.  Getting my writing thing back in gear has been tricky.  Mostly, time.  Good news: I’ve started to master that which means you’re going to see Night’s Fall at some point.  End of the year, maybe?

Wait, what?  WTF is Night’s Fall?

Sure.  I started writing Boundless last year, but it wasn’t working quite right for me.  A bunch of problems with the way I write and what I want to write like meant that shifting from a world with pop culture hooks to a new world created a bunch of challenges – dialogue, attitude, behaviour, and (hey! it’s me) swearing.

I’ve had a bunch of requests to bring Night’s Favour’s sequel forward on the schedule, and I’ll admit: it’s been scratching away at me from the inside too – so that’s what I’m working on now.  You’ll get to see what’s happened to Val, Danny, John, and Carlisle, and – with a bit of luck – watch them save the world again.

Until then, you can read a teaser.

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