I’m Famous

My metric (for now) for being famous is when people famouser than you mention you.

US Trade CoverTo whit: Cassie Hart has mentioned me with very kind words on her blog.  And it’s not just me – there’s other good work there too, including new stuff from the Cowens and a Steam press original.

The first book I read was Night’s Favour, the debut novel by Richard Parry. It has werewolves, and action, and cop stuff, and witty banter between friends, with a slice of romance on the side. I really enjoyed it, and it was AWESOME to read a werewolf book where they aren’t sexy and lusty and saturated with romance and bleh (not that there is anything wrong with that,  I’m just sick of werewolves not being wolfish and primal and raw). I think I must now go in search of more werewolf books that are werewolf books and not YA or paranormal romance, because it was a really nice change.

Night’s Favour is a very easy read, and Parry has a great style that should appeal to a broad range of people. Well worth checking out.

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4 Replies to “I’m Famous”

  1. LOL I hardly think I am famouser than you are. I mean, for starters you have WAY more likes on your facebook page 😉 And you have a whole book out! You’re rocking this author thing.

    1. I’m trying 🙂 I think the likes on my Facebook page just show that I have good friends, which is a great metric, but not one for famousosity.

      Which brings me to: it’s nice to be an author, because you can make up words.

      Let’s see how long it takes for me to get a stalker!

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