Help Me Get Famous


This almost slipped by me: Sir Julius Vogel nominations are open (2017 edition).

I could use your help. The SJVs are fuelled by a little social proof: to get judges to look at your stuff, people need to nominate you (and like with all social proof, the more the merrier). They’ve made it a bit easier this year with a handy web form — I’d love it if you could give me a nomination. It won’t hurt for you to nominate other people as well; it’s not a use-once vote, so get busy with your favourite authors’ work.

Doing this takes less than two minutes and would really help me a lot.

My eligible work is Night’s Fall, and if you need some help with the fields here are some suggestions for how to fill it out. The form is here:

Your Name                        You should know this one
Your Email                       Again, you got this! I believe in you
SFFANZ Member                    No (...probably)
Title of Work                    Night's Fall
Author/Artist                    Richard Parry
Category                         Best Novel
Publisher                        Mondegreen
Contact information for nominee
Other Information      

Thanks for your help — visibility is a huge factor in things like this!

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