Getting Your Hands Dirty

It’s about the size of a telephone book, give or take.

That’s what a printed draft looks like.  Damn, but it was fun actually picking this thing up from the printers.  I know it’s not an actual book yet, it’s not bound or a paperback or whatever, but having your manuscript draft in your hands…  Well, it’s actually kind of awesome.

I’ll admit it: I’m nervous.  I’ve sliced my beta readers up into two groups, and sent out the first volley of drafts to them (aside from some hardcopies, which won’t be in beta readers’ hands just yet).  Thing is, Night’s Favour has been my baby for a long time – I want people to love it, but I know it’s going to come back covered in red ink.  There’s a certain, ah, natural tension that exists: the desire to get a better narrative outcome, a better story, through the edit process – but also the desire to not be used as a corrective punching bag.

I’m a delicate soul.

Speaking of drafts, I asked a few days back for offers of edit help.  And offers I got!  More than I needed, as it happens, which makes me blessed to have so many good friends.

or am I?  Applying to science to this, a different answer might bubble forth, a caustic truth that’s hard to swallow.  As it happens, I also posted a link to this on the Scourge of Civilisation:

On said Scourge, I have 271 “friends”:

Only about 6% of my “friends” gave offers of help – which I guess helps to define who your real friends are.  The rest of you: I know.  I know.  Next time it comes to a round of voting people off the island, I’ve got a place to start.

And speaking of starts!  Lots of talking today, because I’m having trouble getting back into Upgrade.  I need to weave in some relaxed storytelling components, but I don’t know quite where to start.  There’s a lot of characters I could draw on; do I introduce a new one?  Or keep on with Mason’s story?  I’m at an impasse; today has been a figurative write-off in terms of production.

I’ll sleep on it.  See you tomorrow.

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