Getting Crafty

Hello, Internet.

My friend Jane from Three Hats Ltd and I are on a quest:

  1. Right every wrong.
  2. Propagate peace and understanding to the farthest corners of the universe.
  3. Source a locally-made craft beer in NZ that doesn’t taste like the sphincters of recycled hops.

These are not in priority order.

The genus of #3 came from my sojourn to North America, where it seems that both the US and Canada make excellent craft beers (lagers, ambers, whatever) that are smooth, creamy, rich, almost sweet.

I’ve drunk a lot of beer – a) I’m a New Zealander and b) I live in New Zealand, basically it’s our cultural identity and religion in one – but my quest for craft beers has turned up nothing but sharp, acerbic shit.

I appreciate that these comments may be divisive.

Having said that! If you have experience with smoother, more relaxed ambers in NZ, please let us know. Don’t worry, we’ll do the work to make sure they pass quality control, hard as it may be.

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One Reply to “Getting Crafty”

  1. Parrot Dog. But really I suspect you’e discovering that North Americans like more Crystal Malt in a brew than NZ brewers do, not so much the hop profile.

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