Feedback Part 2

Not much to write today – still getting feedback from my beta readers in round one.

Discussion by jayofboy.

Some of the things that come back are consistent!  We like consistency.  Some of the things that come back are off the chain.  We do not like chain-free things.

The consistent stuff is good, and I think I agree with this for the most part.  The changes are straightforward enough, but do require some thought so they don’t come through as hammered-on.

Where the real magic lies is trying to determine which of the off-the-chain concepts are a) solid gold vs. b) abject insanity.  My original goal was to do what I thought best, and I still think that’s a good approach – but perhaps tempered by a bit of research.  One of my beta readers suggested I check out some Dean Koontz, and since I’ve got a bit of time I might accept that homework assignment.

Before I go, one more thing.  Check out this video.

One of the things I miss about my last writer’s group was the homework assignments.  We got these little side projects to work away on, and I feel those really helped kick start my writing skills.  I’m going to keep an eye on Nika Harper‘s vlog to see if there’s similar value to be had there.

As an aside, I’m not 100% certain that I have to sub to all of the Geek and Sundry vlogs to watch this one.  Most of that stuff I really don’t care about, and if the signal to noise ratio gets bad then Nika’s going to be voted off the island.

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