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This is one of my world-famous emails, originally sent Friday, 25 January 2019. Get on the list here. It will mean the download links will work, unlike in this post where they’ve been excised, because treats like Tyche Forever are for my internet homies on said list.

Two shinies for you.

We’re almost at the end of January, which means we can stop talking about Christmas like it’s a race-memory of the apocalypse. We survived, people. We’re good.

This week:

  • Comparison of covers, old vs. stylish;
  • A new wallpaper for you; and
  • Your final reminder about Tyche Forever*.

* The download code turns into a pumpkin next week.

Let’s rock.

More of my mistakes

Back in November I showed you the cover evolution for my Night’s Champion books. I thought it’d be fun to do the same with Chromed: Upgrade. I made many mistakes with the original Upgrade, which we can all laugh at about now. One of the mistakes was thinking I was writing an edgy spy thriller.

The Future Forfeit series are gritty cyberpunk. Rock music. Neon. Violence. Enhanced reflexes, all that. Here’s the first cover I went live with:

TBH, I was amazed at my brilliance. JUST LOOK AT THOSE FONTS. They were so good, I ignored the rest of the cover.

Amazement: this didn’t go well at all. The second attempt was a little better. It at least looks like something futuristic:

The problem is, we’re not sure what from the future it is. Dude crying? A machine? There’s no rock music, enhanced reflexes, and so on. The fonts are still pro, amirite? Let’s check take #3:

This one’s good. I like it, and it’s converting (selling) at retail. It’s got Mason in his armor. It’s got a visualization of the overlay. It’s got buildings on literal fire. When I took this edition down, I saw a used physical copy appear for sale for USD$2,499, which I thought was hilarious. I mean, it’s a great cover, but you can get an iPhone and a Coke for that sort of money.

Why did I take it down? Well, it turns out branding’s important, especially after everyone stole my idea and called their movies “Upgrade” as well. Let’s turn branding to 11, get a custom illustration, and see where we go. Our latest edition:

This I love for many reasons, but mostly because it’s perfect. And my cover artist didn’t want to divorce me as a client at the end of it. I must be learning!

How about a wallpaper?

Since that was so excellent, I’ve prepared a wallpaper for your phone or desktop. Get your favored edition below (you can check out all the wallpapers in the gallery):

I hope you enjoy Rebekah’s art on your device of choice.

Tyche Forever

Last week I mentioned Tyche Forever was done, ready for your download. Only a couple hundred of you hit the link, so I want to check *taps mic* this thing’s on. After next week the download stops working, so y’all need to hustle on in there.

It’s a story about a thug and a robot on a road trip. What’s not to like?


Next week, I’ll share the results of my reader survey with you (you’ve still got a couple more days to put in your responses, if that’s your thing). Have an excellent weekend.


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