Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

What happens if you don’t do what they want?

Computer Danger 3 by duchesssa.

Not the voices in my head – the beta readers.  There’s a lot of feedback I’m going through here at the moment, and it strikes me that if I had put that much effort into beta reading, I’d be pissed off if my suggestions weren’t taken on board.

Some of these people are passionate, you know?

There are readers where I’m going to take on a good 75% of what’s been sent back – and then there are readers where I’m going to take on less than 10%.  I can just hear that second group now.

I recall being at the office of the G Men (a place where I’m going to return shortly).  People would provide feedback on work and then argue when it wasn’t taken up.  Usually my response was, “Fuck off and write your own memo/positioning paper/specification/et al,” but I somehow feel that approach is not the best one when considering the feedback of friends.

Still.  I need to do what’s best for the book.  It’s just that I might get fewer Christmas cards this year as a result.

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2 Replies to “Audentes Fortuna Iuvat”

  1. I think beta readers in general (unless it’s their first outing) understand that their feedback is just that. As the author, you have to make the best decisions for your book. Hope no-one un-friends you 😉

  2. I hope that too 😀 The editing is harder than expected – I’ve had a few “dafuq” moments today when I’ve struggled to write something a little less shit than before.

    It’s getting there. Turns out I say saccharine too much, also. That’s a thing that more than one reader commented on.

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