An Experiment, Where You’re the Subject

Alan wrote me probably an eon ago when I offered a deal on Night’s Favor, saying something like (and I paraphrase), “How about a deal on something else?”

I’ve been ruminating about this for a while. What’s the best way to run a sale? How do I give something to the fans, while also offering a good series starter price? It’s maddening running a deal on, say, book 3 in a five-book series; no one cares, especially if they don’t have book 1, and first-in-series books are often discounted — where’s the shine?

Let’s try to fix that. Starting today is a grand experiment (because I love me some science). Enter:

[My Cr4zy Deals Page]

I’m aware that I’m doing this on April Fool’s Day, but this is legit (…assuming all the store fronts updated, FML).

The basic idea is a first-in-series deal for the month, alongside one of the next books in the series. People with the patience of Job can get an entire series for a bargain this way (although, since I’ve written 12 novels, 8 novellas, and 6 short stories, this approach will take a while). I’m also sprinkling a few BookSprout ARC links there; if you commit to leaving a review, there are free things.

Courtesy of a recent BookBub promotion on Tyche’s Flight, I picked up a few new readers. This month, as a thank-you, you can get the sequel for a dollar or adjusted Earth currency.

[Take me to the vault of wonder!]

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