A Different Kind of Writing

It’s Men’s Health Week around these parts next week.

As such, I’m giving a presentation on Wednesday night.  I spent today putting that together.  It was kind of fun, dusting off the ol’ PowerPoint skillz.

The presentation I’m giving is all about going from fat to thin; it’s no secret that I used to be a good 30kg heftier than now.  Some might view that as a whole bunch of playground – but it had to go.

The interesting bit – for me – about doing the presentation is that I had to dip into my past and find a bunch of fat kid photos of me.  I’d encourage you all to do the same – if they’re not fat kid photos, they’ll be photos where you wore bad clothes or had bad hair.

Remembering the past?  I reckon it makes us all better storytellers.  Whether the past is good or bad isn’t the issue – it’s how we remember it, and how we use it to push forward.  Being fat helped a lot in writing Night’s Favour – as did becoming fit and lean.

(And I get 36 in the survey).

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