A cover reveal, wallpapers, and … CAN THIS BE A RELEASE?! 🎉

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Tyche Everywhere

We’re pausing our Boundless talk to return to the Ezeroc Wars universe for a spell. Back in the mists of time, I wrote y’all a for-fans novel. So very, very many of you emailed me saying a) you liked it and b) where the hell’s the next book?

Your wait is at an end. This week:

  1. What’s been going on in the Empire;
  2. Tyche Forever and its new cover (spoilers: it’s amazing, I love it);
  3. A little about the next two; and
  4. My cover artist’s last gift for you.

Let’s dig in.

The Empire

…by which I mean, my life.

It’s been a good couple months this end. I’ve finished up a contract with an excellent bunch of people at New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs. That almost sounds like we’re watching the watchers or something, but it’s far more mundane: DIA’s responsible for things like passports for our citizens.

While the people were excellent, my job was about change, and people find that … challenging. I left them in a great place, got a bunch of thank-yous, and feel very proud of what we did (…and their chances for continuing excellence).


It’s also a time for celebration in Richard’s Writer Land™, because I’ve finished the next three Tyche books. I was pretty nervous about how these were going to turn out, but my editor had my back. She leaves all kinds of neat breadcrumbs in my manuscripts (click to embiggen):

I mentioned to her that the final gave me the most concern, mostly because I wrote it while back in the salt mines, but she said not to worry:

Tiffany’s a writer in her own right – would you guys like me to interview her? I think we could twist her arm into it.

Tonight, I’ll be enjoying a glass of bubbly with Rae. Until then: let’s get on with the rest of it.

Tyche Forever

When John, Kim, Cassie, and I had this wild idea to write a novel in 15 days, we didn’t think much more than, “Are we insane?!” John and I made it to the finish line on time, which is a victory we’ll never let the others live down.

Since then I’ve edited it, re-edited it, edited the edited version, gave up, and asked Tiffany to edit it for me. Then, because I love pain, I asked Rebekah how bad the cover was, and she looked on with pitying eyes. What we’ve got at the end of this is the same basic story, but honed to perfection, with this outstanding cover:

It’s now out on digital bookstores everywhere*. If you read it when it was free and liked it, would you do me a solid and leave a review? You can do so at any of the sites I’ve linked below:

[Amazon] | [Goodreads] | [BookBub] | [Nook] | [Apple] | [Kobo]

Pro tip: If you weren’t with me in January to get a free copy, most of the links above also serve as handy storefronts.

* Because many digital bookstores move slower than glaciers, it make take a little while for them to update. Keep trying! October Kohl needs your reviews.

Tyche’s Lost and Tyche’s Crusade

Many of you weren’t backward about wanting more Tyche. I’ve spent the last four months writing two other stories to sit after Tyche Forever. They’re Tyche’s Lost, and Tyche’s Crusade. Because we’re doing the whole cover thing today, and I’ve got poor impulse control, let me share those suckers with you too:

Out June

Out July

I’ll talk a bit more about them next time, but for now, just bask in the majesty of those covers. If you’re wondering who the smug prick is on the right, that’s Pastor Seth Cleaver, a feature of all three books. The Ezeroc have been busy little bees.

A Wallpaper

Last email I mentioned Rebekah was Full Beach Ball™. I’m afraid the situation’s only got worse.

Before she sailed off into a much-deserved sunset (sweet Jesus, she’s done twelve covers for me, she needs a break!), she gave me one last gift: a wallpaper for you.

Hitting that will take you to the wallpapers page, where you can download a hyoooge version of it for your desktop, if that’s your thing.

That’s it from me. Like I mentioned above, if you grabbed Tyche Forever and enjoyed Kohl’s roadtrip, leaving a review makes a huge difference. Thanks, and keep being awesome.


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